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    I know most of you have more then one basenji. While I've made the decision I do want to bring a sister into the family for Sonny. I had decided to try and find a young female (between 1-3). I want to think a little futher about this choice verses getting a puppy. In terms of bringing a 2nd basenji into the family I want to do what will be best for Sonny. Are the chances stronger that Sonny will be more excepting of a puppy rather than an older female b?
    Any thoughts would be appreciated! πŸ™‚

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    I don't know, but I would like to know others' thoughts on the subject as well. I also plan to get another b in the near future. I'm torn between a puppy, a rescue, and a "golden opportunity" if there is one available in my (relative) area.
    Good luck sonnyboy!

  • I added an adult female to the family and Tillo responded very well to her. I think Tillo will have a harder time with a puppy, because he doesn't like the way puppies play (with puppy teeth :D). He also needed time to appreciate Lycia's company, but after letting her know that everything is his (;)) she was more then welcome πŸ™‚ Now they are best buddies, like they have never been without eachother. πŸ™‚

  • Really, the dogs pick their companions. Please, don't fall in love with a girl, and then bring it home to your boy…Take the boy with you, and let them see if they like each other.
    Nothing else matters, IMO.

  • I think, first and foremost, it depends on what kind of time and energy you have to commit, and then second, what Sonny gets along with. If you find a good breeder or go with a good rescue (BRAT), they will also be able to spend time with you asking you about your lifestyle and Sonny's and help you make a more informed decision about what would work best.
    When I started to THINK about adding a second dog to our household, I had a long list of requirements, the first being "No puppies" because I did not have the time and energy to devote to raising a puppy from scratch.
    I made a list of requirements (partial list, not in any particular order: adult, but young adult with an energy level to match Lola's, crate trained, from a reputable breeder with health testing and socialization, great temperament, gets along with Lola, won't kill the cat, etc) and a list of preferences that weren't a deal breaker (again, partial, not in any order: show quality because I wanted to learn conformation, female, brindle, on the petite side of standard).
    I have read and been told over and over that when getting two basenjis, it is often easiest to get a male/female pair or a male/male pair because bitches can be, well, bitches. When I realized there was a local breeder with two year old girls available from the previous year's litter, I called her up, asked to come meet her, and brought Lola with me. I wasn't kind of hoping, but not expecting, for her to get along with one of the female's
    As it turned out, the girl I liked better also happened to be the girl Lola got along with better. Although I was not prepared or expecting to bring home another basenji that day, Callie had other plans. She "chose" me. So although I went into it with my own requirements and preferences, ultimately, I let Lola meet her and the two of them made the decision. Also, because Callie is from a reputable, responsible breeder, she came home with me with the understanding that it was a 'trial' period, and if she didn't work out she would go back to the breeder.
    Of course, here we are a year later. I guess its worked. So make a list of what you require & want & then let Sonny and the new dog (whatever gender, color, age, size, etc it may be) decide. They make the decision a bit easier than you'd think.

  • Thank you for your insight Carrie & Sharron. My most important requirement after health is that Sonny get along with her/him. I was thinking a female would be the easiest transition its not that I had my heart set on a female. If Sonny decided he rather have a brother I'd be thrilled! I guess I need to let him be the guide.

  • If possible have Sonny meet the potential roommate on neutral ground, a walk together in a park or a small dog park. They may not be "love at first sight" but if they don't hate each other, and play a little, they will probably be OK. A pair of neutered boys can be best buddies, male/female pairs sometimes bond very closely and sometimes not so much, keep an open mind for a good personality match and you will love what you get, and so will Sonny! Good luck! Nothing like getting your dog a dog! Nicky is Topper's dog, and Eddie is hers.

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