• Hello, I just got back home and found that My basenji (1.5 years)
    have managed to jump up onto the fridge and pulled down a can with smoked and salted almonds…The can was cracked open by thee fall
    and He has probably eaten a full cup of the nuts...I have no
    idea how He will react to this unplanned dinner...Please share any
    insights! Thanks!

  • Put the nuts in a cupboard with a padlock and a safe combination lock on them? 😃

    Nothing is sacred with a basenji around!! My mum used to have to put up the trash can as my B always ended up getting into it right after we closed the front door to go out.

  • I have found Basenji's are like garbage disposals. What goes in must eventually come out. Keep a close eye on him, watch his feces and if he doesn't have a physical reaction (ie allergic or indigestion) in over 24 hours, consider yourself lucky and wiser.

    Since our Basenji will eat just about anything (baby clothes; barn clothes; tissues, both used and clean; toilet paper; barbie doll hair; stuffed toys; fluff off tennis balls; diapers, used or clean; kitchen towels; underwear; the cat; etc), we keep locking lids on everything and make sure things we don't want him to get into are behind closed, latched doors. When we leave the house all doors are closed/latched and the rooms he is allowed in are Basenji proof. Even our three year old has learned that if she wants items to be intact when she gets back, she has to put them away.

    I will say one thing, Basenji's make for clean houses.

  • If the nuts are salted, you should be more concered with vomiting. The emergency animal hospital in SW Idaho has recommended a teaspoon on salt to induce vomiting, when my hooligans had gotten into the groceries. I noticed a tube of toothpaste with teethmarks in it, though the tube wasn't deformed in any way. As a precaution, this is what the vets recommended

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