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    Subj: Cancer Research

    This just came to me from a friend who breeds Keeshonds. It is of interest to anyone who has a pure-bred dog affected with any of the cancers listed in the study. Peggy

    Subject: FW: [keeshowbreeders] Cancer Research

    Permission has been granted to crosspost:

    The Van Andel Research Institute, a world class human
    cancer research
    institute, recently received a Federally fund grant through the
    Institutes of Health/National Cancer Institute, to study five
    types of
    cancer that occur in both dogs and humans. The ultimate goal
    is to develop
    improved diagnostics and more individualized therapies for
    both canines and

    We are requesting the help of purebred dog owners, who may
    own a dog
    affected with one of these cancers. The five initial cancers we
    are studying


    1. Hemangiosarcoma
    2. Lymphoma
    3. Osteosarcoma
    4. Malignant histiocytosis
    5. Melanoma of the mouth or toe

    We are requesting fresh (NOT in formalin, NOT frozen) tissue
    samples from
    tumors, when pets have biopsies, surgeries such as
    splenectomies, or are
    euthanized. Samples may be collected post mortem, as the
    solution does not affect the DNA in either the dog's blood or in
    the tumor

    Additionally, if you have a dog with one of these cancers who
    has already
    been treated (splenectomy, chemo, etc), we would still
    appreciate a blood
    sample along with a histopath report confirming the diagnosis.
    We need 3-5
    mls of whole blood in an EDTA (purple top) tube. It can be
    sent priority
    mail, and blood can be shipped at room temperature.

    If the pet is scheduled for surgery or, sadly, euthanasia, if you
    or your
    veterinarian contact us ahead of time, we can FedEx a
    collection kit which
    includes an overnight FedEx return shipping form, along with
    media and containers.

    Owner consent forms and veterinary info pages can be found
    on our website,

    http://www.vai. org/helpingdogs

    I will be happy to answer any questions I can, as well. Owners,
    veterinarians and researchers working together will help us to
    unravel some
    of the mysteries of these nasty diseases.

    Roe Froman, DVM
    Senior Veterinary Research Scientist
    Van Andel Research Institute
    333 Bostwick Ave NE
    Grand Rapids, MI 49503
    roe.froman@vai. org

  • hi tanza i dont know what happen with my computer but it didnt let me reply to ur message.

  • I just talked to one of the geneticists working with this group yesterday at the ACoD. They are also looking for bitches who had mammary tumors. If I understood correctly they may also consider other cancer types if they can get 60 dogs of the same breed with the same type of cancer.

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