• Katie knocked down a picture, and sliced her heel on the broken glass. Our regular vet is closed, and Rob is out at election parties for the night, so vet will have to wait until morning. She was walking on it fine, but it bled a lot. I cleaned it with warm water, then with a chlorhexidine pad, and put some hypericum and calendula cream on it, and wrapped it up.

    Does it look okay? Is there anything else I can do? Is there a pedal pulse I can monitor to be sure I didn't wrap it too tight?

  • Just feel the paw and make sure it is warm… if turning chilly compared to the rest of her feet then too tight or if you see swelling

  • Just an update.

    She is doing really well, walking on it, and using the paw to hold her boney while she chews.


  • Oh, poor baby! That must be painful.

    Hope she is feeling ok.

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