Father and Son

Here is Nicky and L'Ox spending quality time together today.


I am assuming they are sitting in front of a heater? Just made me smile as I know how much they LOVE that!! 🙂

Yes, they are in front of a heater. A basenji's favorite place.

That pup is sooo cute. Daddy looks proud of him!!!!!


too cute for words..it looks like L'Ox is looking up to his dad, just the way it is supposed to be.

Here is a video of L'Ox trying to play with his papa.

L'Ox may be taking a little too much after his dad. I caught him with Vittles Vault today.


That is a cute pic of him! Now, the question is… does he know how to open it yet?

That video is too cute.. L'Ox on his back with all the paw moment 😃 And that picture…... what a little fat baby.. Love it 🙂

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