• I need to know if there are anymore shots that have to be given to my B's. They have both had their shots when they were puppies but now I'm wondering if they need anymore. Can anyone help?

  • Do you take her to a vet? What is required by law where you live? What does the vet recommend? I usually start from there - see what they recommend and then do research into what are the pros and cons. In Maine, 3yr rabies is required…beyond that I only do distemper.

  • And you can search the forum for lots of information about shots and what is or is not needed.
    But as stated by renaultf1, rabies is a state required shot. Dogs get one as a puppy and then need another at 1 yr. After that it depends on your state, most are every 3yrs., but some (and some counties within a state) are every year

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