Cold Feet

This question doesn't directly apply to me, but I was wondering if it's safe to bring basenjis, or most other dogs for that matter, out into the snow?

Can somebody help me with that question please?

If you look at photos (Show off your dog) , you will see MANY basenjis playing in the snow. Not mine, of course! (in Tampa)

Don't be fooled. This account just seems to be spam. He is promoting his website using the signature feature. And just posts seemingly authentic posts here and there.

A shrude and effective way to sneak under the "radar" of forum admins, instead of just posting links.

Sadly I have been seeing this tactic used more and more often in other forums I am using.

In gaming forums you see them introduce themselves "Hi everyone, this seems like a great community! Looking forward in playing and learning from you all!" only to have a "buy computers here" in their signature.

You can always report posts to the admin using the button next to the post number in the right hand corner.

Thanks for noticing, I almost fell for it myself.

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