• Do any of you feed chicken feet to your Basenjis? If so, are they raw or cooked? If cooked, how do you cook them. My pup is 9 months old. I am reading a lot about using them for teeth cleaning assistance with brushing and for all the "goodies" they contain that will add to their diet. I saw a ton of raw ones in the grocery store from USA.

  • @daureen My understanding is that you should not give your dog cooked bones. Cooked chicken bones become brittle and break into sharp shards as a dog crunches away. Those shards can become an internal hazard and end up in a Vet visit (or worse). On the other hand, uncooked chicken bones are soft and can be digested easily by your dog.

    That said, the idea of your dog cruising around the house with raw chicken (and raw chicken slobber) in their mouth seems.... undesirable. I would suggest that this might be a treat for the backyard.

  • @daureen - RAW only.

  • Thank you to tanza and elbrant.

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