Lazy afternoon

Everyone is just relaxing today after the new year eve party.

Great pics, it was a big party time :D:D.

Must have been some party to tucker those two out!

Party animals 😉

Those are great pics!

They look like I feel… and we didn't even party!!!!

Great photos, they really have that 'after-party' look!


Very nice pictures..they look partied out..;)

Nice picture look very happy.

Rita Jean

Great pics, makes me want to rub that cute belly 😃

Very cute pics!! I think I looked about the same 😃

This was later in the afternoon. Only the cat was on full alert.

Beautiful Cat, he or she and whats its name please?

Thank you. Cats name is Maddox (Maddy), we got him from a shelter 6 years ago. He tries to stand up to the dogs all the time and lets them chase him around the house.

Maddy is so handsome

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