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Hello everyone, I'm back. I had to go away for work and now I'm back! And I am so happy, lol. It suxed, I had no computer access for a month, away from my home, hubby and pets.

Welcome back! That's a long time to be away from all that you love…glad you are back with your family.

Where did you get to go?


Where did you get to go?

It was for work, I'm in the Army, and it was a required course. Suppose to teach you to be a better leader, but it's quite the oppisite, it just shows how much that people need to grow up before getting promoted. Only thing I got out of it was a month of being bitter and the ability to be a little more patient with stupid people. LOL

Stupid ppl are everywhere, so just take it all in stride!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

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