• We're moving right along these days!

    We will be in this next location within the next few days.

    This state produces 99.5% of dates grown in the US.
    The largest three-day rodeo in the US is held here.
    It contains the world's only burlesque museum.
    This state is home to the world's largest living things. (extra credit for naming them.)

    Now, the city:
    This city borders the world's largest landlocked harbor and produces more sourdough bread than any other city in the world.

    We'll see y'all down the road…


  • Am I allowed to guess right away? California, San Francisco Bay and the redwood trees.

  • We were going to head for Oakland, CA, but plans have changed. It's the nature of this business…

    See y'all down the road!

  • Ooh I couldn't come up with anything on this one 😞 - especially since I thought whales were the largest so that threw me.

  • Aha!…But I didn't say largest living animals…I was speaking of the Great Grandfathers of Northern California, the Giant Sequoia commonly known as Redwoods. 😃

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