Ruby Love the Back of the Couch

I can't type (LOL)…The heading should have been "Ruby LOVES the back of the couch"...

To look out the window at the animals in the woods...and to sunbathe. :D:D

They are such funny dogs sometimes… 😃 😃

It's like she is trying to absorb her "basenji powers" from the sunlight. I wonder if basenjis really come from Krypton instead of Africa. :rolleyes:

Oh - she is so beautiful, shining in the sunlight. I think all Basenjis like to sit on the back of couches to look out. Have you noticed that nearly every position they put themselves in looks like a photo op? Born stars.

THe second pic, looks like she is praying for good weather!!! HAHAHA LOOOOVE it 🙂

such a typical Basenji pose, what sun worshippers they are.

What a pretty girl…I love pics of sunbathing!


the first picture is smashing, what a queen..
What a comfy spot indeed..

These are very nice pics! That third pic with the legs is pretty funny.

Very cute! Here's one of Tayda and Lenny sunbathing - I may have posted it before but can't remember right now… Lenny is such a nut!

Whoaaa nap attack!!! At our house we have the Magic Square that appears on the carpet most mornings about 8 oclock. I say look Abbey the Magic Square! and she goes splat right in the middle of it. Doesn't matter if she just got up or not. Resistance is futile.

Haha, LOL! She looks like a queen in the first pic!

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