• For knitters out there, here is a link to a VERY simple sweater that anyone who can knit a scarf with a simple knit stitch can master. It allows for variation/customization with more advanced stitches/techniques as well. My first one turned out OK, I made a few minor adjustments on my second attempt and from then on they have turned out better and better with each one I make.

    I use size 9.5 knitting needles and 2 strands of the cheap red heart brand acrylic yarn. I follow this pattern except I lengthen the neck section to 25 rows to allow for the turtleneck.

    WARNING: dogs who chew can quickly unravel a hand knitted sweater simply by chomping through a single thread! 😉


    Here are a few examples…


    Hot Rod

  • Houston

    Great looking sweater..I like that..thanks for the link

  • Nice looking sweaters. Knowing Jaycee would not last more than maybe one hour.

    Rita Jean

  • Nice looking sweaters!

  • Nice sweater! Yes my pet shredder named Buddy would…... well you know.

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