congrats to Rocki (CH Arubmec's Crocodile Rock JC) Lookin good - Pat!

Did someone get invited to Eukanuba? Win best of breed or hound group? Win it? Wh'z up?

This year I don't think you had to be invited only - there was entries. Rocki was BOB and BEST Bred By so tomorrow when the groups are - he'll be in both the Bred By Hound group and the regular hound group.

The results are on the AKC page along with some pics - I expect that it will not be televised right away. But saw some results on line and had to comment.

In that case, congratulations are definitely in order. Thank you for clarifying that. I don't go on the AKC website.

Three hurrahs for Rocki! Now we can hope the Hound Group judge is familiar with and has an appreciation for B's. Please keep us posted….

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