Allergies!!!!! help ! i dont know where its coming from!

  • this morning we woke up and ramses my 3 year old tri color has allergy bumps all over his body!! we have not fed him any chicken (which he is allergic to) or anything strange lately so we do not know why this is happening? could it be from the thanksgiving turkey 3 nights ago? i dont think so.. we recently bought him a wool sweater are are placing the sweater as suspect #1, then we recently switched to a different laundry detergent… suspect #2. other than that i cant figure out what it could be. tommorrow we will go to the vet to get some steroids to help. i gave him some benadryl but looks like the allergies are winning. please help!

  • see your vet ASAP

  • can you wash him with just water to get rid of possible irritating things on this body? And of course go and join the vet asap

  • Or dog had irratating bumps all over its body but turned out to be irratation to bug bites . Still see a vet, no one can here really tell you whats wrong.

  • should i use a special shampoo to wash him?? hes doing alot better since we gave him the benadryl, we talked to our vet but shes out of town for thanksgiving! hes improving but if he gets worse ill take him to the emergency room. how serious is this?

  • He just threw up and it was just a few minutes after giving the was the yellow bile..

  • @RamsesOchoa:

    He just threw up and it was just a few minutes after giving the was the yellow bile..

    Yellow bile usually indicates "empty tummy"… and your note is a bit confusing as you say that he was doing better with the benedryl, but now you are saying that he vomited just after giving it? Takes at least 30 to 45 minutes to get into the system?

    I think I would opt for the Vet

  • wow, this gave me flashbacks to Gizmos reaction.

    Is he itching? If so I highly suggest Epi-soothe Medicated Shampoo. Really helped Gizmo.

  • I would go and see the vet asap. And if you wash him I would first try pure water, no shampoo. If he has a contact allergic reaction, you need to get off whatever it is off his body. This would be done by clear water…..

    Vomit yellow liquid with little foam seems to be "empty stomach" to me. Sh*** like this always happens on a weekend!

    Fingers are crossed!

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