• So I just had to share this… a couple of weeks ago DH and I took Indy to a show to see his handler (he wasnt showing but we take him over to see her when she comes to town). We were haning out watching some of the handlers show their dogs (especially ours). Well Mr. Indy did not quite understand that he wasnt there to show so he kept trying to get in line to go ino the ring. And then posing and prancing around when we wouldnt let him

    He was so much of a ham that we got literally crowds of people coming over to pet him and tell him how handsome he was. So Indy officially has a new song. You will have to figure out what the tune is, but I don't think it will be hard

    I'm too sexy for my collar
    too sexy for my collar
    I make all the girls holla

    I'm too sexy for my fur
    too sexy for my fur
    so sexy it hurts

    I'm basenji you know what I mean
    I do my little prance in the show ring
    Ya In the show ring, in the show ring ya
    I do my little prance in the show ring

    Thats as far as we got before falling on the floor laughing, any one else have a basenji that does stuff like that?

  • Ha, ha:D:D:D! That's good…not hard to figure out his theme song. 😃 Have you played that song for him to see if he reacts to it...that would be funny if he did! :D:D

    All 3 of mine are huge hams when they have an audience - especially Brando and Aaliyah. Brando is all about prancing and being viewed as handsome. Liyah is more about making people laugh - a court jester :D.

    I haven't been able to figure out a theme song for Brando or Ruby, but Aaliyah's is most definitely "Boom, Boom, Pow" by the Black Eyed Peas :D:D. We all crack up when we hear that song as it makes us think of Liyah. 😃

  • AJ's theme song would have to be "Eat It" by Weird Al Yankovic.

  • Houston

    I love it, how funny..

  • I could hear and see it in my head while I was reading your re-written words to the song - what a hoot!

  • Love it, no way was Indi going to be left out 😃

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