Lilu is here!!!
Basenji Mix

Oh my goodness, this is the most sweetest dog I have ever seen in my life. She snuggled with me the entire ride home and slept peacefully in her cage. She now starting to wake up and play around with us. I have only taken one picture so far but it will be one of many.


She's adorable!


She is absolutely adorable, lucky you…Thanks you so much for sharing. I love reading of happy times..and seeing beautiful puppy pictures too.

Basenji Mix

I just posted a few more for your enjoyment 🙂

She is absolutely adorable:D

Lilu is gorgeous, love the pics. She looks to have enormous paws.
Keep us updated as to how she is doing and lots of pics please.

Uhh…CUTE. Enjoy the new pup. Seems like a sweetheart.


Basenji Mix

Here are some more photos of my little baby. I love her so much. Today was my first day back to work and I miss her terribly!

Congratulations! Adorable little one!


She is adorable..don't you love it when they peaceful and …quiet..:):)

Basenji Mix


What a cool mix! Can it bark?

she makes a kind of high pitched squeely bark and whine, we'll see when she gets older if she got the Basenji vocal cords

This puppy is adorable but…..I don't see any Basenji in it?

Basenji Mix

You may be able to see a bit in this picture, haven't taken that many as she doesn't sit still for long 🙂

Did the shelter know who the parents were? or at least the dam?

That may give some idea on how big she may get.

Basenji Mix

Lilu's mummy is in the background but they rescued her when she was pregnant so no idea who the father is

That would be a pretty good indicator the pup is part Basenji!:D


What a great picture of the momma and all the pups.
Being that I now have a Portuguese Podengo she almost looks more like one of those, she looks tall, and her tail has the bend yet no curl.

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