What a mess…

I straighten this end of the bed up every day. At the end of the day, it looks like this! Must be a gremlin dog somewhere.😕😃

Perfect picture of a Basenji making your "house" comfortable… gggg.... my RV would look like that when we took to the road for shows... add into it forks, spoons, and knives that Mickii was sure should have been in the bed under the covers... stolen from the sink!!!!

That's not a mess. That's how AJ makes his bed. To a Basenji that's a perfectly made bed that took a lot of work. My last red/wht Ringo had his blanket on the living room chair and he would dig and mess around, lay down, get up, dig and mess around. This would go on for 10 minutes until it was all waded up just right.

nooooo . . .
it was the lion.

Well, we must share some gremlins I think….

Gotta make that nest "just right". 🙂

AJ probably thinks you're playing with him - messing his nest up every day. 😃

Looks like a very tidy Basenji nest to me (and AJ) 🙂


Oh he made it so tidy..such a good doggie..and yes he probably thinks of you as a gremlin, messing his bed up every day…

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