• Well, the turnout was significantly less than expected, but a very enthusiastic crowd.

    AJ got his pink on for the event and was a huge hit, especially with the kids. He got to pose with some other guys who were secure enough to wear pink as well, and these aren't withering milquetoasts either…some pretty big burly men!

    We plugged up 35W for 45 minutes:eek:, but everybody who passed us, "4-wheelers" and big trucks alike honked and waved on their way past.

    We got to carry the following sign because we raised the fourth most amount of money...$360.

    Here are the photos I managed to get. I would have gotten more, but the organizers put me to work! Whew what a busy day!:o

  • Great shots and good job helping out Belinda! I like the shot of AJ on the dash. That first shot too!

  • Dan: Love that avater of Buddy. He looks so happy…:)

  • @AJs:

    Dan: Love that avater of Buddy. He looks so happy…:)

    Thanks! It's hard to take pics of him because he won't stay still for more then a second.:D
    Hey that's a really nice rig you got! AJ looks really healthy.

  • Belinda pictures are great love the ducktape message. AJ up on the dash looks so handsome but the one behind trailer he looks super. Thanks for pictures and great job you did today for cancer. I do like your tractor gives me the fever again no more tractor pictures.

    Rita Jean

  • Ms. Rita: It gets in your blood, doesn't it?

  • Houston

    I love the pictures. I am sorry the turn out was low, but glad y'all had a good time and enjoyed the company of others driving for the cure.

    AJ looks smashing in his pinks…the rig looks awsome...hey... ducktape is all you really need..it is chrome baby...

  • Yes it does get into your blood to me it was a different world that I loved most of the time.

    Rita Jean

  • Great pics, i love the ones with Aj in and the ones with all the trucks lined up 🙂

  • AJ'sHuman, you are something else!!!
    Praise the Lord there are people like you.

  • Great job AJsHuman (and to those two burly men as well :)). Love the picture of AJ sunning on the dash.

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