Clancy's Win at Launceston Royal…

  • Clancy is our 5 year old Australian Cattle Dog, who was probably having his second last show, at this years Royal Launceston Show.

    He was very badly handled by a judge during a very formative period of development, and has disliked being handled by strangers since then. Prior to this he was a very happy, outgoing, people loving dog. Anyway he has his moments, and has been withdrawn occasionally, when judges havent been able to go over him. In the last 4-6 months he just isnt coping, and has had a terrible run of crappy judges, along with him just having enough. I actually didnt even want to enter him for this show at all, but Mr Saba did, so I entered him 😉

    Well, he was good with the judge this show, he crouched a little, but thats all. He won his class, then went onto Res Ch dog, and Runner-Up Best of Breed… We were very happy with him. He was also the best Statebred dog of breed too, (meaning he was born in the state of Tasmania...). We were able to show him in the Best Statebred in Group, and he ............................WON... We are very proud of him, winning this award, against some pretty credentialed dogs in our Working Dog Group, (I think its your Herding Group...). He was then eligible to go in for Best Statebred In Show, and while the judge gave him a good look, he didnt win...

    We are proud of our boy, he managed to pull it all together at just the right time 😃

    Only one more show for him, then thats it, depending on how he is feeling though... He is entered, but ??? whether he gets shown. We really think he has had enough. He has made us proud with some pretty impressive wins over the last couple of years, so now its our turn to do the right thing by him :).

    Thanks for letting me brag about our handsome man...

  • Well done Clancy (and Mr Saba for entering him). That is a brilliant result!

  • @moetmum:

    Well done Clancy (and Mr Saba for entering him). That is a brilliant result!

    Thanks moetmum,

    Wouldnt have minded having a glass of Moet after his win !!!

    We are pleased with him. He is a lovely, self stacking, showy boy, once the judge is finished going over him. He has this little quirk, when he thinks hes going to win, he will turn to the judge and start baking at them ⭕o I tell you what, I think it has worked on occasions, cos the judge does turn to look at him… We never taught him, its just him. How he knows, I dont know. Why he does it, we dont know... My hubby shows him so well, and once this barking starts, I think its the only time he doest get told off, or told to 'shut-up', hubby lets him do it !!! Its not every show either... Funny little man... We will miss him at the shows though...

  • Houston

    Great for Clancy..very exciting and fun to end up doing so well after years of not really enjoying it..due to bad people..He proved all them wrong;)

  • Nice to hear about Clancy seems he knows what when to do the right thing. Way to go I know how proud you must be.

    Rita Jean

  • Congratulations! Where's the photo? 😃

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