• Houston

    So you must think I am the most irresponsible of B owners..actually triyng to keep things behind cabinet doors, without lock and key on it..
    Well, I did..I really though the container of zebra finch food was safe…big, I mean BIG mistake...
    This is what I found on my leather couch today..of course Otis was part of the mix, but the minute he saw me enter the livingroom he got off and asked to go out..like he was bailing the scene..I wouldn't let him out..he was in trouble too..

    Dotty didn't bail, she kept on eating, crunching is more like it..

    ..just look at her, eating those seeds and dried fruits…

    ohh, how I love those free thinking B's..

    At one point Otis motioned to get on the couch again to join in on the munch fest, Dotty did not like that idea…snarl.

  • LOL, you have some of the best pics Petra! Watch out those Bs don't fly away now.

  • Naughty Basenjis 😃
    I'm surprised they wanted to eat bird food

  • Houston

    Dan, I am to please…LOL

    Thunderbird, you and me both..
    they are highly fortified seeds, with eggmeal, because we have 2 week old zebra finch babies in our nest box...but still..
    One of Otis favorite thing to help me with is when I fill up the chicken feeders..some inevitably falls out and they are (in his mind) his...yumm-o..chicken layer feed...

    But Dotty, she is something else..she has now (yesterday was record day) come out of our bathroom with the trashcan lid stuck around her neck 17 times in one day...kid you not..
    There is nothing in the trashcan, I don't use (it until I get a new, steplid kind), so it is empty...but she has to find that out for herself...17 times??;)....and I did rub Vicks around the edges to prevent her from doing it..now it is up on the counter..I have had it..although it is harmless fun..;)

  • They just wanted some fiber in their diet!!!!:p

  • Hello… There is something in birdfood our Parrot is always throwing his food out to our Shibu (Spice) then after we got Jaycee he was doing same thing they love the food. Spice will sit and look at Sweetpea somedays until he throws her food. At least it not lots of food.
    Sounds like your having a good clean up day basenjimamma LOL.. just joking.

    Rita Jean

  • They may not like that bird seed so much tomorrow…:D

    Excellent pic's

  • Oh, my this photo is priceless

  • Houston

    Nothing beats the crumbs under your bare feet on stone floors either…my lucky day..
    AJs Human, tomorrows poop might be interesting..we'll see..

  • I am sure what went in today the bird's would not like back tomorrow. At least with stone floor makes it a little more easy to clean than carpet.

    Rita Jean

  • @Basenjimamma:

    tomorrows poop might be interesting..QUOTE]

    Somehow I doubt you'll have to wait until tomorrow to see it.:eek::eek:

  • Houston

    I agree, usually Otis goes a few hours after eating…so we will see it again..today, I mean..

  • Oh Petra, you'll be finding tiny pieces of bird food popping up for months to come. My 2 dragged a 25 pound bag of wild bird seed from the kitchen into the dining room, tore it open, drug it around the dining room table to distribute it properly, then used it as a race track to grind it in REAL well into the carpet. All in a 20 minute period.

    We were laughing so loud and long the next door neighbor came over to see what was so funny. They of course failed to see the hilarity, and made a comment about how "those damn dogs really are wild"!!:p

    Yep, the poop will be a pretty speckled color:D. Easier to find amongst the brown autumn leaves on the ground in the back yard!!

  • as long as they don't start to "sing"….

  • Houston

    ..or fly..or lay eggs..

    Snorky998, I laughed so hard when I read your dogs handiwork…too funny.

  • Oh boy… haha. Gotta love how persistent these Basenjis can be. 😃

  • Who knows Petra, Otis may start to make some sounds now like "chirp yodel tweet baroo".

  • @Basenjimamma:

    ..or fly..or lay eggs..

    Snorky998, I laughed so hard when I read your dogs handiwork…too funny.

    I gotta find those pictures!! In the mean time, best wishes to you getting that seed out of the couch:D and hope the higher fiber seed snack doesn't wake you up in the middle of the night for the 2 a.m. emergency poop:eek:

  • Too funny, great photos of "basenji caught in the act"!

    Good luck with the clean-up!

  • I think Petra has some pictures for the "Basenjis Gone Bad" calendar. :D:D

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