• @Rita:

    What do you mean she had a parasite?

    Rita Jean

    First Giardia and then coccidia– nothing today though, so good news there!

  • I think that everyone on here has answered your question about heartworm med's year around. My question also.

    Happy for your good news today. Good Luck

    Rita Jean

  • @Basenjimamma:

    Needless to say I do year around down here in Houston, TX. We don't even barely cool down, much less freeze..That being said, I found a website that sells their Heartguard Plus (and all the other brands as well) much cheaper then my vet. For a 12 pack (1 year for 1 dog) the blue package, up to 25lbs, my vet charges $62.00, the website charges for the same pack, size, color and all, $36.99, a whoppin' $25 difference..I believe they have free shipping as well, at least once you shop over an amount. Those savings make a difference, especially when you have multiple pets, right?

    www.entirelypets.com ..check it out..

    Just be careful that they are not "out of date" … as many places will purchase surplus and then resell it...

    That said.. if you can find a place on line to buy... and some place require a Vets "scrip"... at least in California, Vets are required to give you that scrip...

  • Houston

    True on the date…I was lucky, my vet, rather then loose the business, meets the price..

  • @Rita:

    snorky998 question is it ok go off heart worm pills and go back on in the spring? Do you have to have the dog retested? I have always done ours year around. I am sure the weather has something do with does it not? Never know here in Dec we might still have roses and maybe not.

    Rita Jean

    Thanks Rita for the question. Yes, I always have the dogs retested in the spring. After all it's just a preventative measure, not a guarantee. Zone weather has a lot to do with Rx script duration. You're on the cusp as far as zones are concerned. I think if I was in the KC area I'd do year round. However, the question originated in the Chicago area and I thought I'd respond with what was acceptable in our area.

  • I just think year a round would be better just in case you do not get back on them in time in the spring or something happens and forget. The heartworm med's cover more than just heart worms also good thing.

    Rita Jean

  • Our vet recommended Interceptor and we use it year round. I've not heard of taking them off and then putting them back on for certain months of the year -

  • @Shaye's:

    Our vet recommended Interceptor and we use it year round. I've not heard of taking them off and then putting them back on for certain months of the year -

    It is a very common practice in areas of the country that have a "real" winter with months of a hard freeze….

    As far as heartworm for things other then heartworms... my personal opinion is that they are not needed. Maybe for dogs that are farm working dogs may need protection from other types of worms, but our typical family pets, not in my opinion. Easier to just have a stool sample done to check. And I know that it is also common practice to "just" worm puppies.. this is something I do not do and have never had a litter of puppies that had worms. So I just have the pups checked via a stool sample rather then just worm on general principles

  • Thanks for the support Pat. I was starting to feel as if I was getting a spanking 😞 here for posting what is a common practice here and in other areas that have a constant, hard freeze winter. Having had a dog 25+ years ago that went through treatment, I would never risk missing even 1 dose. "Not remembering" to dose is not an option in my house.

    Of course 12 month preventative is still a personal choice and I respect every one elses opinion on their choice. But personally I can't see giving my dogs unnecessary meds. We are still obligated by law to continue such things as yearly rabies vacs, when titers testing is readily available, and so many adverse side effects are associated with this yearly rabies practice.

    Thank you to all that that live in the warmer zones and continue the 12 month preventative protocol.

  • I am so very sorry if I in any way bad you feel bad or upset. I know US our HOUSE we get going so fast sometimes Spring would be here and we would forget. We do not mean to we just look and time is gone.

    Yes weather can just be crazy here here in Ks myself I wish it could be 70 everyday of winter and even warmer if it likes I hate cold.

    Rita Jean

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