New Basenji mummy.

Welcome to both of y'all. Diesel is stunning indeed. Could he be part boxer? Either way he is gorgeous.

Welcome to our pack - I thought there might be some boxer too.

He looks a very handsome dog. My uncle once had a boxer x German Shepherd who looked exactly like your boy, though a bit less white.

He is handsome and big is good. We love to see pictures and hear about them. Welcome.

Rita Jean

Welcome! He's a beautiful boy!

First Basenji's

He's HUGE and adorable! What a face!!!!

First Basenji's

He's such a cutie! Welcome to the forum!

Welcome to the forum. He's a great looking dog. I bet he his a big sweetie.

Welcome! What a great name, Diesel. He looks strong enough to run down anything in his path, just like a big diesel truck. Hope you enjoy your reading here and (yes again!!) please post more pictures.

Welcome. I signed on to the site just to see the pics (sometimes you have to), and I've been annoying "the pack" ever since. And it's only been 3 months! But it's an awsome place to be, B-mix, rescue, show, pet - all are welcome.

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