• My girl is three years old today!! She and her 3 brothers must have been a lovely Christmas Day surprise for her parents Guinivere and Playboy. We've been through the puppy terribles and she's done more than her share of destroying stuff, but I always forgive her. I thought she was grown up because lately she's been a little too GOOD, till she surprised me by eating the LL Bean catalog and the bathtub sponge. Her grandma gave her a stuffed Santa and she's already removed most of his beard. What the heck, it's her birthday and Christmas, and it's her Santa. She's had a pretty good birthday/Christmas so far, met the neighbor's cat when we took cookies over, and didn't even chase him. We're going to have lunch at grandma's and play with the chihuahua (he hates her, she loves him). It's been a wild ride with this little critter, but we have survived and I love her more every day. Happy birthday Abbey.

  • Happy Merry Birthday to Abbey! Loved reading your memories of Abbey's 1st 3 years. Too bad about your LL Bean catalog - goes to show she still has her puppy spirit. Understanding our B's and knowing the joy they have in destroying their things is a blessing. I hope Abbey enjoys her day with Grandma's little one with their love-hate pairing. <lol>Both should be worn out by days end. 😃

    Season's Greetings to you and all members of the Basenji Forum.</lol>

  • Merry Birthday to you…or is it Have yourself a Merry little Birthday? In any event...Have a Happy, Merry Birthday Abbey!

  • I think she's had a little too much birthday. She's been sacked out on the couch for 3 hours! The chihuahua wouldn't let her anywhere near her grandma.

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