YEAH!!!! I finally got the pictures from the Lure coursing training (14 June)

Great photos!!! Thanks to Job and Janneke

Hailey's first time..

A bit unsteady and she was more interested why her daddy did not run with her 😃

This one I like so much! She CAN run!


He sure knew what to do!!! (this was his 4th time lure coursing)

His elegant paw… haahahahah


He loved it so much!


Hoping we could get some more lure coursing soon!


Great pictures. They are having so much fun..

Those are great pictures. Wished my guys lure coursed. Aurora is too old and Cody is one of those that gets half way through the course and gets "distracted".

Brilliant pics, all the Dogs look as if they are realy enjoying it 🙂

Can't wait till Bendji is 12 months old …:o
Great series Kim (and Job ;)):D

Great shots! Looks like they're really moving.

I LOVE the last photo especially, but all are great. Definitely seems like the b's took to it like ducks to water.:D:D

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