She just yawned… hahaha

We made a trip to a place in Rotterdam, to walk with the doggies..
There is not much to do in Rotterdam, the beach is an hour drive and there is not much grass in the area..
But, we have a little book with al sort of nice places to walk with your dog in Holland...
We found a spot in Vlaardingen (next to Rotterdam) 30 minutes with the car, so we went there..

BLEGH!!! it ends up to be a very little camping place.. full of people..
And too much insects. 😞

We walked a bit and even the dogs didn't like it..

We stopped on a little empty field to rest a while, and made three pics because of the insects...

Well, here are the other two

:D:D:D Haileys face says it all 😃

I love Hailey's snicker! It looks so green in the Netherlands.

Too funny! Nala gets her lip "stuck" in her teeth, but Hailey's is way funnier!

That is so cute! I love snarky-face pictures.


That is one of the funniest pics I have ever seen..

what a great picture of Hailey -she looks a real character.

it is amazing, what they can do with their noses. I often am very surprised about Vega's funny nose faces….


whahahahaha I am going to put that photo on my website 😃


what a great picture of Hailey -she looks a real character.

Oh believe me, she is! :eek::D

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