Where have all the flowers gone?

This video may answer that - the first half of the video shows before and then there is some narration for after. Enjoy

I like the way momma plays with the pups. Beautiful flowers! Looks like part of the garden got stampeded over.

Actually the pictures you see at the begining shots that are in the ground - the later shots is what is left - they chewed them off like locusts!

It is a very interesting dynamic - to watch her teach the puppies and watch to see what trouble they get into - in particular because she is not that old herself. A few of them got in a kennel run and closed the gate on them selves - I opened the gate and they couldn't figure out this 'thing' closing them in. She walked in next to them and then turned and led them out. Very cool.

Brilliant, I watched the whole thing 🙂

WAY cool !Thanks for sharing.

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