Merry Christmas

Here is our informal Christmas sitting for this year! I had to chop off the top of the tree to make the pic fit the format here.

Anyhow! Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukah, or Blessed whatever else you might celebrate!

From L to R….Blondie, Ethan, Querk (Ivy decided she didn't want to participate!)


Ethan is a handsome young man, beautiful Senji's. Happy Holidays to You and Yours.

Thanks Basenji Boy…I am pretty proud of all of them 🙂

beautiful family!

Happy holidays to you as well!

Lovely picture!
Happy holidays to you and your family

Andrea what a beautiful boy you have!!! And your Bs are adorable little ones too 🙂

I've been trying to get C3 & Topaz to sit infront of the tree to no avail!! They won't sit long enough to take the pic 😞

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