New rescue Rocky from MN wags his tail?

  • I'm not sure where to post this, but the newly rescued Basenji, Rocky, wags his tail and has a little tiny bark and he yodels. Next to other Basenjis, he looks all Basenji, but his coat is not solid color but spotted brindle and white. Could he be a Jack Russell/Basenji mix? Rocky's personality is very sweet, he wants to please, learns commands quickly, he almost bounces when he jumps, and he's not snarky like my girls. Everything about him but his marking and tail wagging is Basenji.

    My youngest female Basenji rescue barks every so often as she imitates her best friend, my terrier mix.

  • All 3 of mine wag their tails. Ruby and Brando both bark - Brando more than Ru.

  • I am not sure what you are describing about his color. Can you post some pictures.

    As for the tail wagging, my girls all wag their tail. We even joke that the reason Sophie only has a single curl to her tail is because she "wagged that curl right out of her tail." Basenjis can give a "warning bark", Rally will boof at the vacuum cleaner, her arch-nemesis.

  • Houston

    Otis wags his tail as well ever so slightly, like a little cinnamon roll , Bana, our foster, does it very much back and forth, looks like her little tail is about to fly off, she also does this little bark, more like a quick breath of air pushed out fast..if that makes sense, and only of she is playing with my barking dogs, never with Otis..

    Pictures, we need pictures..

  • Good to know that Bs wag their tails. My girls don't - they are too crabby to make me think they like something! Altho, the girls have been so cuddly since Rocky showed up!! Rocky took a nap with "us" this afternoon; you should have seen the Basenji girls expressions when they saw him on "our" bed! :eek:

    I will post some pictures of Rocky. RitaJean is sure Rocky isn't mixed. Her little girl and Rocky look all Basenji.

    If a tri and brindle are mixed, what would be the resulting coat color?

  • Houston

    I think if a tri and brindle is mixed the color would be called trindle..but I am sure if I am wrong somebody else with more experience will chime in and help.
    Either way he sounds adorable, and yes pictures are imperative…

  • Rocky is that same really dark red like Jaycee. I have to get pictures on here see Rocky. Rocky is very adorable.

    Rita Jean

  • Please post the picture(s) you have of Rocky and your little darling, too.
    Rocky is such a little sweetie.

  • Nulla wags her tail when she is VERY excited.

  • First Basenji's

    Cody wags his tail when he's extremely excited, like if there is a cat outside or in the neighbors' yard, when he's about to pounce on Moe, or when I come home from work (not only am I home, but I work in a pasta/seafood restaurant, so he thinks I smell yummy). He doesn't bark though.

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