Another Basenji in need Minneapolis/St Paul Area

  • This is from another list. If anyone is able/interested contact me privately and I will give you the contact information. As noted in the details, BRAT has been contacted.

    Permission to cross post was given and here are the details give to this person:

    Woman in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area who is fostering a seven year old, black/white male Basenji and she really isn?t in the position to foster as she has a nine year old Basenji of her own - - her own dog does not want this dog in his home. Neither boy is ever crated and she doesn?t really have a way to keep them safely separated. What?s good about this situation is that the rescue boy has bounced from one Basenji na?ve home to another in the past month and his current temporary residence is in a Basenji experienced home. I?ve never laid eyes on this dog. This is what I was told and can share:

    This dog was living with an older couple his entire life until last month when they moved and he was left at a vet?s office. Breeder is unknown. The dog was then surrendered to a no-kill foster/adoption organization named Last Hope Rescue. The current foster tells me he?s bouncing from foster home to foster home because the foster folks are unfamiliar with our breed?s ways.

    He is reportedly a ?snuggle dog? who is nervous right now and when scared further, will give a warning snap. He does this when someone tries to force him into a crate or grabs at him in an aggressive manner. He does not like to be picked up, but loves to lie on his back and have his tummy rubbed. I asked the current fosterer if she thinks this dog is adoptable since he?s giving warning snaps and she boldly said, ?Yes.? She thinks this dog will shine if he?s given the opportunity to be worked with and given the safety/security he needs. She feels most of his behavior is the result of his life being turned upside down and from being placed with people who do not understand the Basenji.

    He is microchipped, neutered, current on immunizations. He is in very good physical condition. He is potty trained, but marks occasionally because of the nine year old basenji in the home. Currently, the nine year old basenji is being aggressive towards the rescue, resulting in increased anxiety of the rescue. She says her own boy is actually beating up the rescue. Yes, I did tell her to permanently separate them, but I don?t know if she can/will.

    He knows how to sit and understands the meaning of the word, ?No.?

    The fosterer is unsure how he?d be with children and thinks he might be okay with a female dog, but thinks for now, he needs a home with adults only and no other dogs.

    This current situation isn?t the best, but it?s better than any other place he?s been in the past month because, at least, the fosterer understands what makes Basenjis tick. He needs to be removed and placed where he can be accurately evaluated and then begin some rehabilitation.

    Please do not call this woman to offer advice or criticism. She?s doing the best she can and she feels this dog is worth someone?s time. She needs physical help, not armchair advice on what to do. She has contacted BRAT and is awaiting a response.

  • I hope someone can give this guy some love and a forever home…

  • I hope he will find a good home soon, and thumbs up for this lady that fosters him now!!!

  • Houston

    I sure hope someone with B knowledge have room for this boy in their heart and home. I am glad you could crosspost so more peeps here about him and he finds a home that much sooner. Is it possile for him to be transported to other parts of the country or does he need to stay in Minn/St Paul area? Might be good to know for potential adopter.

  • I have no other details about transportation or anything else as this came from another list. However, I did just see a post that BRAT is now in contact with the current foster and they are waiting for the application to be filled out. So, looks like BRAT will be able to step in

  • Houston

    That is a good thing..

  • Oh, he sounds like such a nice boy…I know BRAT will do right for him.

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