• Hello All,

    We just adopted a basenji mix from the local shelter. We don't know what she is a mix of, besides basenji. She looks exactly like a basenji, acts like one too, but her tail is only slightly curved and she has blue eyes, like a husky.
    She hasn't been feeling well and I noticed that today she has diarhea with blood in it. Can anyone help me out with some info?

  • I would either call or go to my vet. Then you can peace of mind all is well or as what is really going on. Good luck and let us know. I would love to see pictures I Know it has to be beautiful with blue eyes.

    Rita Jean

  • You'll want to get her right over to the vet!

  • She really is beautiful, and very sweet. She is about 7 months old, very clever and she doesn't act sick. She went on her normal run this morning and she loves to play and chase frogs in the yard. I think she may have eaten some bad plants. She eats everything. I can't afford to take her the vet right now, but I'm very worried. I was jsu wondering if anyone had some care advice or has anyone here had the same problem?

  • She needs to see a Vet, maybe you can call the shelter where you got her and they can help out?

  • Houston

    Blood in stool could be a sign of something really wrong. Don't chance it and get her to the vet. Diarrhea on its own is somewhat Ok, depending on how long, quantity and all, but blood is not good. Let us know how she is and oh, I am sorry, Welcome to the forum.

  • Look in your area and see if you have a low cost vet place or call a vet and ask them. Tell vet need help and maybe they can help you. Lets us all know.

    Rita Jean

  • Just call a vet and explain the situation, be honoust you cant afford it right now ( maybe it is not very expensive ) and maybe you can pay in terms or after 2 weeks or something like that.

    let us know how it ends, and give your dog a big hug and tell her to get well soon!
    oh and a picture would be nice 🙂

  • Welcome to the forum, sorry to hear your Dog isn't well. Perhaps something has irritated her intestines and caused the blood or maybe an infection. Has she has any sharp bones or something like that.

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