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She really is beautiful, and very sweet. She is about 7 months old, very clever and she doesn't act sick. She went on her normal run this morning and she loves to play and chase frogs in the yard. I think she may have eaten some bad plants. She eats everything. I can't afford to take her the vet right now, but I'm very worried. I was jsu wondering if anyone had some care advice or has anyone here had the same problem?

posted in Basenji Health Issues & Questions read more

Hello All,

We just adopted a basenji mix from the local shelter. We don't know what she is a mix of, besides basenji. She looks exactly like a basenji, acts like one too, but her tail is only slightly curved and she has blue eyes, like a husky.
She hasn't been feeling well and I noticed that today she has diarhea with blood in it. Can anyone help me out with some info?

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