New member from Maryland - updated with pictures

  • Hello everyone,
    My fiance and I recently adopted Ozzie (red and white) and Lacie (brindle and white) from BRAT. We have had them for a few months now and they are alot of fun. My fiance's parents have two basenjis so I knew what I was getting into, but I never expected so many people to stop us and ask what kind of dogs they are and tons of other questions.

    I have gotten lots of good information on this forum already, thanks everyone.

    – Jim

    Here are a few pictures that I have:

    This is Lacie chewing on a hoof and Ozzie is right by her waiting for her to get bored with it and let him have a chew.

    Curled up in their spot

    Now that looks comfortable, poor lacie, Ozzie will just sit on her to get comfortable and no matter how much she yells at him he will usually just cry and get his way 🙂

    They go nuts over wet hair and a wet towel, rubbing and munching on them.

  • Welcome to the forum Jim. Post some pics of those B's.;)

  • Thanks, I'll post up some pictures this evening when I get home from work 🙂

  • hi! im glad ozzie and lacie's family is here. i remember seeing them, (i am a brat member)too cute! thank you for having a brat dog, well two, really! welcome to the forum and the wonderful world of basenjis!

  • Hello and welcome! Yes, Nala get a lot of attention when we dare to bring her out in public! This is a great place for information and fun.

  • Welcome Jim! Yes, you will get lots of info here just as I have! I am a first time dog owner with a B!

  • updated with pictures 🙂

  • Hello!!

    Your brindle & white Basenji looks alot like ours. Someone in PetSmart asked us if she was a DINGO!!! We recently saw another brindle basenji at a hotel in Maryland, my husband did a doubletake as he thought it was ours. Most peole, including ourselves are not familiar with this breed. We really are taken with her. I called BRAT as I was thinking that I couldnt manage her but I am trying. Best of Luck with your new additions!!

  • I love the nap picture. There's nothing cuter than a snoozing basenji. Lorraine, a man asked me one day if Abbey was a Jack Russell terrier!

  • I had a few people ask me if Zahra was a Chihuahua!

    Goldenfri, I love the one of them cuddled up head to toe very cute!

  • My dogs would never allowed another one so close while chewing on a hoof or a bone!
    Lacie and Ozzie are real nice dogs!

  • What beautiful dogs!! And how adorable that they love to sleep so close to each other 🙂

  • How sweet! Love the pictures!

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