• I recently bought my B some baby food to mix with her dry food, just for a change. I was reading the ingredients on the back of the jar and it contains onion powder and I know onions are poisonous to dogs. Is it the same for onion powder?

  • I wouldn't think its enough to her her.
    Why not get some quality canned dog food for her dry food?
    That is what we do.

  • Why baby food??

  • It shouldn't be enough to cause a problem. Beechnut baby foods do not use onion powder in their meat baby foods if you are looking for an onion free baby food.

  • No the onion powder shouldn't be a problem at all it is in a very small amount and it's not straight raw onion that is what is a problem for dogs


    Why baby food??

    Baby food is pretty good for pups its easy on their systems and if you have on that is picky or having a a hard time getting them to eat baby food is great because there is no added sugars or salts

  • Alright great thanks. I will try the Beechnut baby food instead.

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