• From the first day we got zoe I took her to the bus stop with us where we would wait for my daughters school bus. We usually wait at the corner at a neighbors house until the buses come up the hill then the kids run to the actual bus stop and I would stay and talk to the other moms. Well zoey decided she would have none of that. At some point she decided we had to go with the kids so she could actually see them get on the bus. She pulls like a little demon and if Im too slow she starts to growl as she pulls. When we make it to the stop she is happy until the bus rolls to a stop then she gets on her hind legs and stands there till the last child is on the bus . The bus driver always asks her if she is coming which she would if I let go of the leash. As the door shuts she loses interest and is ready to go back and let me talk to the moms where she lays till I'm ready to take her on her walk. Then it starts all over again when its time to pick them up. The rush to the stop until the kids get off the bus. When I have a day off and we are outside she gets upset when I dont let her go to the kindergarden bus as well. Wonder if she will miss them over the summer

  • Houston

    That is so sweet. She is seeing her members of the pack off..

  • That is great really loves those kids that is nice. Nice job.

    Rita Jean

  • What a great story - I love it!

  • First Basenji's

    Awe! That's so cute!

  • Thanks for sharing - aren't our Basenjis a joy?!

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