My drawings of Abanda and Geasy

Those are amazing! You are really talented. I have no artistic ability whatsoever, so I am very very impressed by these, to say the least.

Very nice!! I wish I could draw like that

Very very nice - thanks for sharing.

Thank you all for nice comments :o.

such talent - i think you did them justice.


Irena those are impressive. I have no artistic talent what so ever..unless you call baking artistic..or talent.

wow, these are fantastic, you're so talented! Thanks for sharing them. I'd love you to draw my Eesha!! 😃

Hi Irene, they are great:D

Wow, Irena, those are great!!!🆒 I have done one of Bella in colored pencil, but just for fun… not really that good.:rolleyes:

Yeah, I have no creative or artistic talents either. lol But wow, just lovely Irena!!!

Beautiful drawings.. wow….

Irena, your drawings are lovely, they look like they could just walk of the paper.

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