Crate training a 5 year old

Is there a way that you can keep her in one room when you are at work that might be on floor insteat of a rug in case she needs to pee?

It's best to use a plastic crate like Vari Kennel (large #400) instead of a wire crate. There's a small reservoir inside that goes around the out side edge so the pee does not stay puddled or go on your floor. Also just put news paper in there, no cloth or any bedding. They can chew up the paper with no problems. Cloth or any bedding is dangerous if they swallow it. I just brought home an 8 month tri this weekend from BRAT and he will stay in his crate all day. I walked him for 30 minutes before I left today. If you can wear them out first they will be more relaxed in it.

As Tanza said you have to start with baby steps for crate training (actually all training). Entice her into the crate with food or treats but leave the door open; then feed her in the crate with the door open; then treat her and close the door; etc.

It might be that she doesn't like to be left alone (there might have been something in her background to set her up for anxiety). In which case you have to work with "disappearing" for short periods of time (into another room with the door closed for example) then gradually increase the time. When I got my #2 beastie he was already 5 yrs old and I made arrangements for some vacation time so he would only have to be home alone for 3hrs then 4hrs then 6 hrs, etc. I also left him in the kitchen overnight for the first few days so he would get used to my "absence" that way too.

As for the peeing in the house, it could be all of the above - 9 hrs is a long time to hold it if she's not used to that. Start her on a regular schedule to do her business, praise her a lot when she does and even give a small treat. There are also "piddle pads" available at most pet stores that you can use indoors but they must also be trained to use them (generally instructions are included) so start by putting one where she pees in the house then gradually move it next to the door then outside; use it with lots of praise. I would suggest, however, that you find one that is not blue (they seem to notice the blue and mine would tear them up instead).

Hope this helps.

Here is a crate training handout by Dr Sophia Yin

She also has a video that shows the process on her website. Look for the one on crate training.

I have searched x pen on the site but it comes up with no matches. Hansel chewed a hole thru the plastic carrier/crate in an hour big enough to get his head and one leg through. so he cannot go back in that one. we have another one that we can use until i get something better. x pen or metal crate without the bottom that slides out? how tall/what size. i am thinking that the 8 panel 36" tall with a top on it. that way i can put a small pen in the house for daily use and move it to the yard for a few hours outside on nice days in the shade. i think i can even make it for both dogs outside and put a divider in between so they dont get to wrestling and get to rough. is there a better brand or what? i know i have read some about preferences but like i said when i search it says no matches ( i think it is because it brings up so many matches). sorry to re ask a question i know has been coverd. i just cannot find it!!! :0
i am also concerned about it being movable or being tipped over. he will go in the crate willingly and doesnt complain when i feed him in the crate. he really likes the crate if i leave the door open. but i do not trust him to leave him loose when we are gone. so there has to be some way to contain him that makes us both happy… 🙂

Look up "Exercise Pen" (xpen)…:D

I have the 48" with a top, mainly because I had (she seems to be fine now that other bs live in the house) a dog with separation anxiety and wanted as much space as possible. I put a crate (removed the door) with bedding (clipped to the side of pen so the pen couldn't be moved) inside the xpen so she could lie down. Ruby wasn't a digger so I didn't need to worry about the xpen not having a floor to it. If yours is a digger, maybe get a piece of linoleum to put under it for inside.

I'm sure 36" would be fine with a top. The top adds a lot of stability. The other thing you can get if you find them moving it outside are tent stakes...they push into the ground. And if you went without a top outside...I'd go 42" or 48" and probably clip 2 pens together so they have plenty of space.

One more close are you to Nevada? Petedge has instore call your online order into the store and pick it up so you don't pay shipping...stores are in Nevada & Mass. They also have a sale room in those stores...awesome. Online right now they have free shipping for the week if you spend $175 (I think)...
The key is finding free shipping on oversized items (crates & xpens fit that category)...

Ha, ha…the title of this thread immediately made me think...yeah, I need to crate train my five year old (human child!)


Hello again,
Any more detailed instructions as to how to proceede with the crate training? She cries constently, and I'm leaving her in the crate when I am home, to see how she will react. The crate is in another room, so she can used to being alone. Should I come in the room though and calm her down? Should I just ignore her?

To reply to Tanza's advice, what's "IMO" and what's "starting small"? Is small an hour? two hours? Until she doesn't cry anymore?

Again, I'm new at this, and it doesn't look like she's destructive at all if left alone in the house, but she needs her potty training reinforced because she'll pee in the house if left alone, even if she just came back from outside. (She doesn't do it when someone's with her). Should I then explore a diffrent technique to correct the potty training issue? She knows to pee and poo outside, she just decides to pee and poo in the house if you leave.

Advice greatly appreciated!!

Hi Cassers. Unfortunately there is no one way to do this or any quick fix. Where did she come from? What did they do? I had a heck of a time crate training my dog and he was crate trained from a pup. Some dogs will not tolerate the crate. Is she in the crate all night? IF so, do you exercise her in the morning before putting her back in? You could try a nanny cam to see if she is calming down after you leave.
Definatley feed her in her crate for 1. Then you have to build her up to likeing it. I don't think she needs water in there and be careful what bedding you put in there because if they get frustrated enough they will shred it and eat it possibly causing blockage. Tanza gave great advce with starting at five minutes. Always reward when putting in the crate as well.

Just for comparison, we ended up going with an ex-pen for Dash after several months of attempted crate training. That worked for about 3 years and then he decided he didn't like that either. Now he is loose.

Good luck!

ranualtf1, thanks! that worked. i did to exercise pen, but it said too many matches too. thanks. again. 🙂
dash, this is HAnsel that ate his crate. 😞 but otherwise he is doing great!)

He clearly could not stand the thought of being away from you!!;)

haha. you are right. he is already spoiled. but we love him! i am searching for a stronger kennel/crate. suggestions? Brandon thought hansel might figure out how to tip the xpen over and get out. or worse yet, unhook it. we believe he is smart enough. if he had thumbs he would be out of the kennel door we have him in. appearantly he doesnt even need thumbs. chewing works better. haha


what do you think of this? the words indestructable jump out at me…. 🙂

That seems more like a bobcat cage. It should work:p


what do you think of this? the words indestructable jump out at me…. 🙂

Is your house air conditioned? That is the only problem I could see with that…not much ventilation.

yes is it air conditioned and i run a fan in the room the kennels are in.
that little turkey was trying to GET IN his kennel thru the same hole he chewed to get out of it. there was a part of his chew treat left and i wont let the boys walk around the house with them. they get gooey when they chew them. so he was trying to get in to get it. crazy guy. gotta love 'em.

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