Cat with Thyroid condition and high blood pressure

  • My cat Felise went to live with my parents while I was in the military several years ago.

    She kept on losing weight and my Dad finally took her to the vet and found out that she has a Thyroid condition, high blood pressure and several sores in her mouth.

    She is going to have to take medication, has anyone every dealt with this? Will it be expensive? How did your pet do with the medication?

  • What medication are you referring to? Is it just thyroid medication? Soloxine? Soloxine is pretty inexpensive… if she needs blood pressure meds, depends on what kind? As noted on another thread, I would ask for the scrip and shop around on the internet for pricing... and see it you can find it cheaper then your Vet might price it. As noted in California is the law that a Vet must give you the scrip (at no extra charge) if you ask for it, they can not require that you buy from them.

  • 2 places that are good for Soloxine. Foster and Smith (free shipping) and Omaha Vaccine. Must have prescription that will be verified with your vet.

  • On a different note about cats and thyroid problems. A couple of years ago I read that there was a huge increase in cat thyroid issues and they found that the fire retardent chemicals that were on some new carpeting was the cause and as I recall California had the biggest problem with this because of the fire safety standards in that state requiring all new carpet to have this treatment. I am not sure about other states in this regards though. I will check this out, I wonder if cats may be more prone to this because of they way they clean themselves, but also cats absorb from their feet and this is how fertilizers and pesticides poison them. I wonder if Basenjis also could have an issue with this because they clean themselves well. I am sorry about your cat and hope that treatment will be affordable for you.

  • I wondered about the chemicals people/businesses that put chemicals on the lawns and walking my Bs and then walking on it. One of mine had a tumor on her toe that had to be removed.

  • Cats with thyroid problems are almost always HYPERthyroid (over active thyroid). Dogs are almost always HYPOthyroid (under active). I have no idea about the difficulties of HYPERthyroid, but I wish you luck.

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