• Hi,

    Sorry for all the photos at the moment. My friday at work is going SO slowly :rolleyes:

    Anyway, thought i'd post these pictures taken at the show last week. This is my little star Gracie. She didnt even get placed :rolleyes: But i think she was the best in the class 😉 And we had some wonderful comments outside the ring so thats nice.. Maybe the judge put the wrong glass on 😃

    Anyway, she's just come into season and we plan to mate her. She missed last time (we think we were too late :o) so fingers crossed she takes this time. I desperately want a litter from her, just ONE puppy to keep is all im asking for :rolleyes:

    BTW, thats my mum in the pictures. Her first time handling as i was unable to as i wasn't well. She did really well!!

  • oooowwww I like her 😃

    I have no idea about judging a pug, but the ears of the second pug (photo 10, I think with the three pugs)

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