Sushi and other food questions…

I'd love to start Einstein on a partially raw diet. I have even thought of 'cooking' all his meals, but I worry that he won't get everything he needs if I am not absolutely careful. I have been reading a lot of posts on here, all with great information, I'm so glad I found this forum!

Fortunately, or maybe not so fortunately for me, I have celiacs. I would think this would make it easier for me since I have to make similar choices/changes in my own diet. In addition to no wheat, barely or any gluten for that matter, I try to hide flax and chia seeds and other healthy buffers in my food. Would these also be beneficial to my basenji?

I also eat a lot of sushi and the other day at work I thought about what was in the tuna avocado roll (tuna, avocado, rice w/vinegar, nori, sesame seeds) I couldn't think of anything that would harm him, so I cut it up and put it in a bowl for him and he LOVED it. He also loved the california roll, but I took out the cucumber since he didn't seem to like that. Now, sushi could get expensive for my pup, but I could cut a piece of fish off every time I purchase for us and chop it up for him with other ingredients like cooked rice and veggies? Has anyone done this before? Can I do this with other raw proteins as well? I want to do the best for him, but kibble is really easy sometimes and he loves the Canidae. He also loves his carrots. All I have to say is "Einstein, wanna carrot?" and he is at the fridge waiting for me! 😃

Be very careful with that. Avocado is bad for dogs. If you're going to feed him sushi, just the rice and fish. There are a lot of people here who feed barf diets, and I use the grain-free canidae. There might also be threads on foods bad for dogs.

Thank you for letting me know, I didn't see it on the list that I looked at yesterday. It was only once thankfully! I saw something about raw fish on one today now, I guess that is out too?

It depends on what fish. I know of at least one person on here who gets trout(?) heads from the store every couple months or so for the dogs and they love them. I would recommend talking with some people who use the raw diets and maybe try to figure out more of what these and other similar dogs eat in the wild.

Tillo just ate a big piece of raw Salmon.. (got it for free.. my dad actually sells fish) and he loved it! So.. an occasional fish wouldn't harm your pup. 😉

If you want to feed your B raw, you should really try to learn about the different ingredients they need.

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