• Hi There,

    Thought i'd share some pictures of my two ****atiels. I've had parrots for several years, mostly rescues as i used to do a lot of work with a rescue charity. So i've had everything from budgies to macaws!! I lost my last parrot in August, he was a rescued Rainbow Lorikeet called Joey (i'll stick a picture of him on the end of the post lol) and am currently waiting for a new one! Im going to be getting a Black Capped Lory. Just got to wait for eggs to be laid, and hatch!

    But, here are my two little ****atiels. Sweet Pea is the white (lutino) one. I've had her since the end of august, my mum bought her for me to cheer me up after Joey died :rolleyes: She's about a year old now. The grey one, James, i bought about 3 weeks ago as Sweet Pea was screaming the house down cos she wanted a man 😃 He's about 2 years old.

  • That second photo is awesome! Cute birds!

  • They are lovely:D

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