Hello from Cedar Rapids Iowa

We, my daughter and I have 4 Basenjis two sisters, from a now family members litter. And the boys both rescued,
Shu -alpha female red and white

Min -tri, fighting for her placement
in the pack
Geb -male red and white, had his
vocal cords broke and his
teeth, weighed 10# at rescue, we think he's 4
Oshe -male black and white running
wild in central Iowa
We also volunteer for a dog rescue here and over 6 years have seen over 100 dogs adopted just thru our house, hundreds more thru the resuce.

My sister in -law has the parents and sibling from that litter, theres nothing like all those butts at a window!!!!

Hello and welcome to the forum! Love to see some pics of your pack!

Welcome, and yes, pics please!

Welcome! Sounds like you have a full house! Would love to see some pics!

Wonderful work you do helping save dogs.

Welcome to our pack and kudos to you for helping with rescues and fostering !

Hello & welcome from Canada. Nice to have you here & bless you for the rescue work you do.


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