• So my dog has just developed this strange new habit..
    He randomly scratchs the carpet. Like hes trying to dig a hole or something..
    Anyone else have this weird behavior? O.o

  • Yes, my B's have done this on a number of occasions on our area rug in the kitchen. I suppose some food was dropped or something was on our shoes and steps on it. I take it outside shake it out real good and then vacuum it. It usually does the trick. If its carpet then vacuum it and get a little soapy water and blot the area. Hope it works. Good Luck!

  • Both of mine do this too! My older one scratches as if he is trying to dig up something or even 'bury' his bone. At times he scratches so hard he has caused damage to the carpet so we have to watch him. I now use bitter apple spray on those areas and he leaves it alone but the minute the smell wears off he is right back to it so the cycle continues!

  • Our carpeted living room has been covered with a bunch of rugs (to cover the carpet - specifically done for the basenji)…

    There's a small 2' x 2' square area that the carpet is visible... Sure enough, Cosmo found that little spot and continually scratches it like a cat… :rolleyes:

    Silly pooch... :eek:

  • my basenji is 6 years old & has done this for as long as I can remember. It usually appears that she is attempting to make some kind of "nest" to lay down in. She scratches/digs on the carpet (particularly in a streak of sunshine), on the bed, on the kitchen rug in front of the heat register, etc, etc. Then she always circles a few times & lays down. I've heard that they do this in the wild to dig down into the ground where it is a little cooler for a nice spot to nap.

    She also occasionally tries to dig & "bury" her treats or bones, usually in the corner of the couch. She even uses her nose to push (non-existent) dirt over the top of something to bury it. It is quite funny to watch. Funny how, even though she has always been a house dog, she has these behaviors that are so much like the instinctive behaviors of "wild" dogs.

  • Both of my Bs do this when they want to lie down - scratch, circle, sprawl.
    I see them - I stop them


  • @gneigum:

    Both of my Bs do this when they want to lie down - scratch, circle, sprawl.
    I see them - I stop them


    Remember that the scratching… circle... etc.. is nesting... it is pretty much part of their makeup..... that is why my couch is covered with a blanket... and anything that I don't want them to dig through.. however that said, mine have never done that in the carpet... but they have free access to all furniture... gggg

  • Our guy does that, we fixed the problem by defining a place where he can dig (his bed and his crate). We even join in some times and make it a family game.

    When he was little and dug other places we would pick him up and put him either in his kennel (door open) or his bed to dig. Now when he is just doing it to be a brat he gets one chance to be relocated and then I get out the bitter apple. Not to spray on the spot, I spray it in the air around him he finds it extremely unpleasant.

    Usually I keep a tiny 3oz spray bottle full for correction purposes. Be careful though do not spray directly into the face that could be dangerous. I usually mist around him like you would do with perfume. Or if he is particularly unlucky and has his mouth open I do it from the side so it goes directly into his mouth.

    After one or two "No" :spray: he gets the point. Oh ya we don't really have that problem any more.

  • Mine have all done that - but usually in an attempt to make a bed. Never amounted to anything serious - my carpets are berber so nothing really to grab hold of either.

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