Wellness canned food not agreeable… anyone else have a B w/a sensitive stomach?

  • I read the ingredients on the Wellness canned wet food and they sounded very simple. I thought this would be a good mix-in with Bella's dry food, but her sensitive stomach didn't agree with me (and I only used 1/3 of a can)!:( As of yet there is only one wet food that agrees with her and it is NOT one I really want to give her all the time (it's one of the "lesser" brands). Oh how I wish I had a dog with an "Iron Stomach." Does anyone else out there have a B with a super sensitive tummy???

  • Since you don't use much as a mixer…. I would go with what already works.

  • I went through months of trial and error with Ziggy's diet. He does have a sensitive digestive system and, though he will eat ANYthing, he is susceptible to diarrhea at the drop of a hat. We finally figured out that he does great on Steve's Raw Food.


  • Houston

    Awesome news. My dogs are on the raw diet as well, not Steve's though, I am making all of it, with some additions. They are thriving. I hope Ziggy will stay well on it.

  • I mix in Steve's raw, Primal Raw http://www.primalpetfoods.com/ ,and 2 tsp Canned pumpkin. I also give 1 cap of probiotics (Ark Naturals Gentle Digest) and 1/4 tsp 2x daily Solid Gold Seameal.

  • You may want to see if a product like Prozyme or Fresh Digest which has enzymes to help with digestion helps with Bella's stomach issues.


  • Houston

    Or you might want to try some probiotics..my vet recommended non dairy ones. I got a pack of 30 packets with powder you just sprinkle on top of their food, from the vet, I believe it is "the Hills" brand..

  • we are still fighting diarehhea too. YUCKKKKKKK! i use 1 tsp pumpkin a day. and i have one on anxiety meds. he HATES his crate. but it really seems to be helping. the other one is PETRIFIED of noises: guns from hunters in the VERY distance, fireworks, etc. He did not even want to walk tonite(july 2). he gets pumpkin with a does of imodium. but the powder might help? where do you get it?

  • You can get Fresh Digest at Petco. Prozyme you can order from Drs Foster and Smith online. Both are probiotics. The size sold at Petco is about 100 servings.

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