What's your b's favorite food?

  • I feed Storm and Nik Canidae All Lifestages and they really love it, but their favorite non-kibble foods are:
    cheese (cottage or any other type)
    Nikki loves oranges, too - go figure! 😕
    And for biscuits treats they love Nutro puppy biscuits or ProPac NutRNipz.

  • I feed my babies Solid Gold MMillenia Beef and Barley. Kiya devours it..so it must be good! 😃

  • My b's favorite snack is caramel. If you have a caramel in your hand she will hunt you down and try and take it!!!

  • LOL! That's funny that your b hunts you down for it!

    Storm's got a passion for black walnuts (bizarre, I know). My Mom baked me some killer black walnut cookies around Christmas time, and the smell alone had him at my heel and sitting and lifting his paw without being asked to. He's such a ham when he's begging! Ask him to sit and give paw for a regular biscuit and you get a disgusted do I REALLY have to look - a reluctant butt plop on the ground, and a slight paw raise. After he finishes the biscuit he looks at me like, is that all there is? I did all that for a dry biscuit…humph! lol!

  • Rye Toast with Marmalde,Ju Jubes,Spaghetti,any seafood and he will start to whine if we have mashed potatoes and do not give him any.

  • Frosty Paws vanilla ice cream. (it's made just for dogs)

  • our boy wakes froma dead sleep as soon as the odor of any ice cream carries thru the air ducts. We just give him a taste, but if we could ever carry ice cream into the obedience ring, he'd surely earn High Trial that day.

  • Make a salad and my two Bs are there in a flash.
    They love zuchinni and radishes.

  • Jazzy's favorite time-consuming snack is peanut butter stuffed in a bone.
    She loves that, and makes all sorts of wicked noises if she even thinks Gypsy {our other dog} is even remotely interested.

    For a quick snack, it's popcorn all the way. If you want to see a dog fly, just start up the popcorn popper! She just likes regular popcorn though, not the sweet kettle corn.


  • @pelican:

    Make a salad and my two Bs are there in a flash.
    They love zuchinni and radishes.

    Squiggy is that way also. Give him a vegie or better yet a fruit and he is all happy.
    He gets so excited when I have fruit. He loves grapes (which I dont give to him anymore), so now his new favorite is watermellon, strawberries, and tomatos.
    He turns his nose to bread, crackers, pretzles and popcorn.

  • My two eat anything we're eating! Their food is Wellness mixed in with water and a few scoops of Merricks (anything) on top.
    They love cottage cheese; cheese; meat/chicken; egg; oatmeal in the winter and hamburger meat. They won't eat veggies. I've tried and unless it's covered with a gravey, they just won't eat it. Savannah likes peaches in small pieces.

  • I feed Duke the Original Science Diet for puppies. I'm not sure it's OK to give him anything different for fear of messing up his digestive tract. Does anyone give their Basenji fish oil or olive oil in their food to keep their coat healthy and shiny? A groomer suggested I do that. I'm waiting to get my copy of the Basenji Owner's Manual. What type of food is best for the Basenji? Any advice is appreciated. Thanks!

  • I just feed Jazzy Purina puppy chow – she's 1 /12 yrs old. She has a beautiful coat; soft and shiny. She appears to be very healthy and is definitely active {despite how she appears at those shows, Bryan. LOL}.

    I don't give any supplements besides the usual doggie "snacks"-- rawhide, peanut butter stuffed bones, grilled chicken strips, etc.

  • Unfortunately for me, my Weim masi, is allergic to beef, so I can't give beef based treats in the house, so for the most part they get all natural treats, and practically no store bought treats. They go crazy for frozen peas and icecubes. We feed a bunch of different foods, I like to switch around every couple of months or so between Solid Gold Wolf King (Bison and Salmon….no beef ;)), Canidea (turkey, chicken, lamb), and Innova (either the VO, or regular).

    Luckily we have a large plethra of cultures moving into our little city, so there are some really yummy things at the grocery store to feed my guys, like chicken feet and fresh green tripe (the later unfortunately is from a cow). I was told yesterday that they had Lamb HEADS the other day!!! Needless to say I was all excited.

    They don't get the very very special treats too often but they sure do love them when they do. I get them marrow bones too....I have to take out the marrow for masi to eat it unfortunately, but every so often we can get lamb ones from the butcher. If I could I would feed a complete raw diet, but I can't manage that currently, so they get supplemented raw/fresh foods with their kibble, and the Kibble is the highest quality available.

    They don't get rawhide, but they get pig/cow hooves every so often. For some reason Masi can have have the hooves, I think its because they don't have any meat proteins in them, because hooves are made from the same thing that Hair is made from, technically its "dead". So, she can have those. I give them dehydrated chicken breasts, they like those, and Turkey/Lamb Jerky from solid gold. Pretty much anything dog safe they get to eat 🙂

  • I used to give Jazzy pig ears, but had to stop that. The gas was killing us all! LOL So, now she just gets beef and chicken based treats.
    She did love those pig ears!

  • Abbey loves dry food and and also gets half a pouch of moist food daily. I hold up two or three choices–chicken, beef or lamb--and she paws the one she wants. She loves any vegetable raw or cooked. She loves scrambled eggs, and likes to watch the entire process when I make them from carton to pan. She does not like fruit, bread, crackers, or milk, although she gets a few licks of yogurt occasionally.

  • Kiora loves food….she is very food motivated. I feed all my dogs Healthwise Chicken and Oatmeal, as training treats I use Bil Jac Liver treats, and for chewing on I use Peanut butter filled Kongs and occasionally a pressed Rawhide "bone". She loves soda also...if someone sets their soda on the floor she comes and knocks it over so that she can drink some...naughty puppy...lol.

  • Tucker eats SG hund n flocken w/ a scoop or 2 of Merrick or Wellness canned on top.

    He loves people food (cheese, chicken, tuna, beef, etc..) but I think his favorite training treat is Liver Biscotti.

    Occassionally he'll get a filled hoof, or a bully stick to gnaw on, but those are few and far between.

  • Sahara is fed Beneful Puppy dry with Beneful Moist on top. She loves them all, but Lamb/Rice the most. Sahara also loves doggie Ice Cream Treats, pretzels, Liver treats, grilled chicken and Dingo chicken/rawhide stick treats. She also likes watermelon, frozen green beans and ice (crushed from the ice maker). She loves Southern Ice Tea with sugar and Lemon, she is such a southern bell. haha

  • Jazzy has learned how to pick blueberries off our bushes. She very daintily picks the berry, never pulls a leaf. The green berries get spit out, the ripe ones get eaten! It's hilarious to watch!

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