The Cretan Hound and its ?relation? to the Basenji

I was reading a discussion about 'rare breeds' and i suddenly remembered the Cretan Hound, a recognised dog breed that is considered to be ancient.
some say that it may be related to the basenji (Crete is a Greek island in the meditteranean sea that had trading as well as other kinds of relations with ancient Egypt.)
Here is a link to a greek sight (sorry if it's only in the Greek Lg)
take a look!

and again I wish you could read the following link refering to the basenji and the cretan hound as well:

I went to check out the website…but it's all greek to me (ha, ha!)

Can you summarize what it says?

Nice looking dog!

Yes, please tell us what it says!
Love the white dog in the first link!

That is cool, Robyn…I had no idea you could do that!!!

I wish It had an English version, i sent them an email to do that in future time. i think that through Google translator, you could succeed in understanding the general idea. It has many historical facts and results of some archaeological researches… I use the google translator for many sites in other lgs:|ja#en|el|i%20love%20my%20dog

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