Basenji brooing in their sleep

  • Last night my little basenji girl, Shasta, who was asleep under the covers,
    put her head up and brooed herself awake.:eek:
    Lou and I were reading and just cracked up.
    I so wonder what she was dreaming about.:rolleyes:
    Does this ever happen to your b's?

  • Yep, Squiggy does this once and awhile. The first time it really scared me (live alone…). He didnt wake himself up, he just stopped. The next few times it startled me, but I just laid there and listened and smiled. Squiggy is such a quiet dog, it was funny to here him baroo so loud and for such a long time.

  • It is scary when they do it in the dead of night.
    The first time my b's did it, both hubby and I went around the
    house with flashlights to see if there was something wrong.

  • Yes!!! :eek: and scared the pOOp out of me!! Topaz does this once in a blue moon (literally 😃 ) The first time she did it I thought a coyote was in the house lol!

  • our basenji's have dreams, sometimes scream, wimper, cry & grunt in their sleep.

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