Some PR pics!

Since we have a new member from Puerto Rico, and apparently some members that have recently traveled there, I thought I'd post some of my favorite pics of my vacation there!

Wow, great photos of a beautiful place.

I love the sunset picture, it is beautiful. Thanks for sharing!!!:D

Wow! It looks a lot like parts of Hawaii.

My turn! I was in Puerto Rico for about 8 days away from the bitter, horrible cold of Wisconsin. Hopefully I didn't get carried away with the number of pictures.

First stop was a tour of Arecibo Observatory. Here is a picture of the world's largest single-dish radio telescope. You may have seen it in the movie Contact, and I think Goldeneye. You have to turn your cell phones off in the area because the cell phone signal is much much stronger than the radio waves they are trying to pick up from space.

Here is a picture of the Plaza de las Delicias in Ponce. Ponce was very different from San Juan, had a very European feel to it.

The rest of the pictures are of Culebra. It is a small island and has a population of around 2,000 locals but also number of gringos have transplanted there or visit in the winter. I have been very lucky to stay with some close friends from Michigan for the past few years who have a small house there.

Here is a picture overlooking the main town in Culebra

One of the streets

Tayda showed a picture of the tank on the popular Flamenco beach already but here is a close up. It was used for target practice by the military. A local artist decorated it.

Here is an ariel picture of the house I stayed in. Most of these homes are way up on hill sides so they have a view and a constant breeze. Without the breeze, the heat would be almost unbearable. You have to have a 4WD vehicle because the dirt roads are really steep and in poor condition.

This is the view off the back porch of the house.

Here is my favorite beach on Culebra at Soldier's Point. It's great for snorkeling.

One of my favorite things about going there is looking at the stars at night. It is absolutely amazing the number of them you see without light pollution.

And it is great for finding constellations. Orion is in the middle, lower third of the picture.

Last but not least, puppy and horse pictures! The dog and cat population on the island had gotten pretty bad over the years. A animal welfare group formed and started to spay and neuter what dogs they can as well as adopt them off the island. Unfortunately most of the feral cats have feline leukemia and the group is unable to do anything about them or even get them off the island. One of friends of the people I'm staying with has been taking care of a stray litter of puppies that is going to be adopted out. I think they are probably golden retriever x lab mixes but I'm not sure. I played with them several days. So CUTE!

Last but not least, a bird on a horse near town.

Amazing Nemo, those are great pics. I agree with kebasmom that the first set of pictures remind me of Hawaii, too!🆒

Those pics are great Nemo! I love the night ones - the stars are so vivid! I remember all the dogs and cats also - made me sad to see them all wandering around. At least they weren't cold!

I actually almost brought a little puppy home with me! On the ferry from Culebra back to Fajardo there was a little puppy on the bottom of the cargo area that was fighting to make its way out of a little box. (And I mean, LITTLE box, no holes to breathe and there was something heavy on top of it, no wonder the poor little guy was freaking out!) I was watching it closely because if it did make it out of the box, it would have probably fallen into the ocean because the guard rail didn't extend all the way to the deck… it did finally break out of the box and i ran down to save it before it fell. It was the cutest little thing and I held it for the rest of the way on the ferry.

Here's a sand crab that kept us company at our campsite. really cute. and FAST!

This is a little lizard that my boyfriend caught one day while we were hiking. He's so teeny tiny. I have no idea how he even saw it, let alone caught it!

post more pics! Its fun seeing other peoples vacation pics - it another perspective of the same place and triggers all these memories of my own trip! It was xmas of 2006 that I was there - seems so long ago now… sigh...

I have never seen such a tiny, little lizard… and so cute!🆒


post more pics! Its fun seeing other peoples vacation pics - it another perspective of the same place and triggers all these memories of my own trip! It was xmas of 2006 that I was there - seems so long ago now… sigh...

Cool pictures. That puppy looks like one of the puppies I played with, but much smaller. I saw a sand crabs, but they were too quick for me to get a picture.

I'll post some more pictures this week too.

Wow! Such talented photographers on this site! The photos are beautiful. I'd love to go…as a matter of fact, right now would be nice! Another artic blast and more snow on the way...(LOL - I really do love the snow!)

Thanks! I would love to go back right now also… we're supposed to get another few inches of snow tonight/tomorrow! ACK! I'm SO over it!

Thankfully, this one is going to miss us! I hope you were as lucky…the snow is up to my knees in the yard though. We've had snow on the ground through the first week in May on occasion! Yikes!

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