• Ive decided instead of making new threads so often to post pics of Maverick, that I would open a general one and keep adding pictures to it! So Keep an Eye out for Updates!! ENJOY!!

    …MORE TO COME!!!

  • He almost looks like a corgy now with the puppy tummy and cute little head with big ears.

  • Hahaa!! Yeah, he is a Chunk-a-Munk!! We love it!! (Vet said he'll grow into it!! ) We think its soooo cute!! hehee

  • I was wondering if anyone else has a Basenji with Freckles? Maverick has a "beauty mark" red spot on his nose! ITS SOOO CUTE!! Im goin to post a pic of it of I can! but Im sure you can see it in some of his other Pictures!

  • LOOK AT MY CHUNK-A-MUNK!! See all those ROLLS!! hahaaa

  • I just love those wrinkles puppies get right above their tails!!

  • I love the wrinkle, the solemn little face, and the big ears. I'll bet you are pooped at the end of the day with TWO little ones to chase around and keep out of trouble now!! At least Aiden is at an age where he sleeps all night. Hopefullly Maverick is also.


  • Great photos.
    Glad your sharing them with us.

  • How is his little hurt toe?

  • He is walking in the foot now, and the swelling is going down…I have to be so careful! I have been shuffling around the house! No i shock whoever I touch! hahaa

  • Good to hear

  • First Lay in the Sunlight at my new Home!! All Warm and Comfy!

    Just Maverick being Maverick!!!!


    ^^"What Chew Talkin Bout?" (hehee)

    ENJOY!! More To Come!! Keep an Eye out!!********

  • He is really cute… Just a short word of advise and this is my opinion, be careful with Harnesses... it can and does restrict their shoulder movements, especially on a baby pup...

  • Cute, Cute, Cute.. I have no other words for it!!!
    Great idea to start a thread full of pics of Maverick! 😃

  • If I was you, I wouldn't leave the harness on unless your going out.
    I don't have anything on my 2 b's unless we are going out.
    Just fyi.
    If your worried about losing your pup, you can have the dog microchipped and a tat put on…

  • Love the pics of him laying in the sun…he's got beautiful color (& super adorable wrinkles!!!) 😃

  • thanks! We only use the harness for going out, but we left it on today for a "getting use to the feeling" kind of thing, but thanks for the concerns! More Pics to Come!!

  • He is really too cute for words.. and I am so happy for you and that you got one of Cindy's pups….. For all that you have been through with Jack and looking for a new pup... you did GREAT!!! Kudos!!!!

  • THANKS!! 🙂
    We are very Happy!!


    So tonight our downstairs flooded and inch or two!! Maverick had a BLAST TRYING to play in it!! (I was rushing around after him) Thank Goodness the Military Housing Maintenance took care of it!! GRRRR

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