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    Has anyone tried this person's training methods? I'm attracted by the claims about getting the dog to heel without pulling. I'm really struggling with my 7 month old Jessie who is a big puller when I walk her (nearly every day). In fact, it cuts our walks short because I get tired. I tried a month or so of stopping whenever she pulled and getting her to sit, without much improvement, at the moment I'm trying her on a really short leash (with the collar up high so it doesn't choke her and she finds it difficult to pull), but if there's been improvement over the last two weeks it's been pretty marginal. I also started taking her to obedience training, but they have a two month break over summer because of the heat and the rain. I'd love to take her on nice long walks but to be quite honest, she's horrible to take for walks. Ironically, one of my earlier posts was for advice on getting her going. Anyway, so has anyone tried the Chet Womach training videos? It all looks quite dodgy but I'm interested anyway!

  • Here are two ways to teach loose lead walking.

    Here is one method by Shirley Chong, http://www.shirleychong.com/keepers/LLW/

    Here is another method by Sue Ailsby. This one you will need to scroll down to Leash. http://dragonflyllama.com/%20DOGS/Levels/ByLevel/2Level.html

  • Thanks, they are both quite different approaches to each other but look interesting! I'll give one of them a go.

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